The end result. Looks awesome! Thanks for the great work and letting me pick your brain, @napalmdeaf !

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Obsessed with these donuts.

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new terrarium container 

◊~Enter this Middle Earth~◊

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😍 awesome street art in Wicker Park

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Just some father daughter bonding with my Pops.

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Tagging along with my dad and brother to get tattoos. Still not sure if I’ll commit today! #clandemma

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Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) wears this comfy pullover sweater, adorned with grades and pencils, to school; never a more appropriate place! The sweater is sadly sold out, but you can check out the original listing below:

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Conversational Pullover Sweater - $30.00

Worn with: Alex Woo necklace, Mark Cross bag, Urban Outfitters jeans and Delman sling-backs

Really pleased about my new sweater. Gonna wear it to work.

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Crisp Chicago is killing it with signage. Very cool!

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More work for le show :) #raven #nightingale #artshow #art #illustration #gouache #paint #painting #drawing #skull #skulls #animals #headdress #jewelry #show #frame #portland #pdx (at The Drawing Den)

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That ain’t punch :).

I’ve been binge watching Vampire Diaries, which inspired this!

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Typography sketches. Trying out a few different styles for my new commission. Stay tuned! #demondesign

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