You’ll never see me this hip again. 

But if I could do that to my own hair, I completely would. 

~coachella lookz~!!~~!~

Actual summer angel

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Oswald by Dave Quiggle for WonderGround Gallery 

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My thanks to Disney Examiner for debuting the latest Hipster Mickey (& Minnie) piece today! The art will debut at WonderGround Gallery on Feb 1. I’ll be at the gallery Feb 1-2 from 2-5 PM on both days. Come by and say hello!

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Get it?! You’re welcome. #demondesign #batman #robyn

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Thank you cat. #demondesign

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On daydreaming

Sometimes a girl just has to price out a Disney World vacation, yanno? Having infinite fun looking through all the hotel room pics. I would actually die, resurrect, and die again if I got to go over Halloween…

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My aunt is the coolest. Stoked to listen to this!

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I’ll never forget watching this on a projector at nonicethings's place. The actual best.

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April Showers (by Omohikane)

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"Ladies and gentlemen, The Beetles"

Assortment of beetles from the Museum of Natural History’s Entomology Department.

Credit: Chip Clark 

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yo where did you get your jaws board?

It was my dad’s when he was a kid. We’ve had it for ages. Might wanna try eBay!